Terms and Conditions of ISprout Digital Agency Services

(Effective March 14, 2024)

1. Agreement Overview

– These Terms and Conditions of Services govern the digital agency marketing services (referred to as “Digital Services”) provided by ISprout Digital Agency (referred to as “Provider”) to the Client (referred to as “Client”) as outlined in the agreement.

2. Term and Termination

– The term for Digital Services begins on the Start Date indicated in the Agreement Agreement and continues for at least six (6) months.

– Either party can terminate the Agreement Agreement with written notice thirty (30) days before the termination date.

– After the initial term, the Agreement. Agreement continues on a month-to-month basis.

– Failure to meet the contracted minimum term will result in a fee equivalent to one month’s service.

3. HIPAA Compliance

– If Client is a covered entity under HIPAA, Client must inform Provider in writing, and HIPAA Business Associate Addendum terms apply.

4. Updates and Rate Changes

– Provider may periodically update these terms.

– Provider can change rates with sixty (60) days’ notice. The Client has the right to terminate affected services with thirty (30) days’ notice.

5. Definitions

– Client: The end user purchasing Digital Services.

– Client Data: Information used by the Provider for Digital Services.

– Provider: ISprout Digital Agency.

– Digital Services: Marketing services including SEO, social media, web development, etc.

– Provider Parties: This includes the Provider and its subcontractors.

6. Access and Use of Client Data

– Client authorizes Provider to access and use Client Data for Digital Services.

– Provider may use collected information for online advertising.

7. Ownership and License Rights

– Client guarantees ownership or rights to Client Data necessary for Digital Services.

– Client Data must not contain defamatory, illegal, or fraudulent material.

8. Indemnification

– Client agrees to defend and indemnify Provider against any claims related to Client Data or violations of laws.

9. Disclaimer

– Provider does not guarantee the effectiveness or availability of Digital Services.

– The Provider is not liable for the actions of third parties or legal compliance with the Client’s sites.

10. Limited Liability

– Provider is not liable for lost revenue or consequential damages.

– Provider’s liability is limited to the amount paid for Digital Services in the past six (6) months.

11. Confidentiality

– Both parties must protect confidential information disclosed during the Agreement Agreement.

12. Non-Solicitation

– Client agrees not to hire or solicit Provider’s employees during and after the Agreement Agreement without written approval.

13. Use of Client’s Name and Logo

– Client grants Provider the right to use Client’s name, trademarks, and logos for promotional purposes unless expressly declined.

14. Fulfillment Considerations

– Local SEO: Improving local search visibility.

– Organic SEO: On-page optimization for organic search.

– Content Creation: Research and creation of onsite content.

– Website Design/Redesign: Designing websites for marketing and lead generation.

– Website Maintenance and Hosting: Providing maintenance and hosting services.

– Social Media Services: Managing and engaging communities on social platforms.

– Reputation Services: Monitoring and managing online reviews.

– Paid Media: Utilizing paid search and social marketing.

– Campaign Tracking: Setting up tracking for marketing campaigns.

– First Party Data Services Capturing and processing visitor data for remarketing.

– Email Marketing: Advising, designing, and managing email marketing campaigns.

15. Transition Upon Termination

– Ownership of content and assets transferred upon full payment.

– Specific services transitioned back to the Client upon termination and payment.

16. Representation by Agency

– If an agency represents Client, it must have the authority to bind Client to these terms.

17. Contact Information

– For any questions or concerns regarding these terms or the Digital Services provided by ISprout Digital Agency, please get in touch with us at ISprout Digital Agency

Shida Road, Shunqing, Nanchong

Sichuan, China 637000

Thank you for trusting ISprout Digital Agency with your information.

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