Web development & optimization with keyword for Dotcrafted

Web development & optimization with keyword for Dotcrafted

Our work for Dotcrafted was optimized keywords, on-page SEO, off-page SEO, image ranking, and Google ranking. We developed the domain rating, added more backlinks, and created a strong XML sitemap SEO.

Our Task Was

Our responsibility was to observe and audit the development of total websites, including sitemaps and Google ranking. We were performing a lot of development to rank this website like-

  • Meta description tag missing or empty
  • Optimized keywords for title and headings
  • Find out the need for more content compared to competitors’ sites.
  • There were only 499 backlinks on this page, and then we added more than 2thousand high-quality backlinks like ghost posts.
  • Operate to strengthen the website’s SEO.
  • Image file size optimization, which was too large
  • Open graph tags, missing alt text, no follow page, no index page, and 3xx redirect
  • We searched solutions for all on-page factors like meta description characters, implementing HTML headings, text/ HTML ratio, open graph tag incomplete, selective language, XML sitemaps & Google™ analytics.


We searched for keywords that contain less difficulty and are easy to rank. Then, suggest keywords adequately optimized for getting a high rank on Google.

  • We suggest enlarging the meta description to 160 characters.
  • Suggest implementing HTML headings.
  • Improves text ratio up to 9.89%
  • Solve keyword difficulty to rank on Google.
  • Utilize schema.org markup for Google structured data testing tool.
  • We work for page load on the desktop version. Here, we reduce unused JavaScript & serve images in next-gen formats.
  • We searched for organic keywords and made a list for this website.
  • We had done page load speed for the mobile version with reduced unused JavaScript and image format to download faster and serve appropriate-sized images to save data and load time.


After a contentious analysis, optimization, and tracking, this website saw the highest growth quickly and its traffic increased by 110% in the first 6 months. The company got a significant content boost that achieved a healthy amount conversion from its social media. After the optimization, the website page loading speed for both PC & mobile versions was significantly improved.

  • Over one year, the company experienced a significant increase in its content strategy. Online organic quotations for specific fastener models surged by a factor of seven.
  • The website achieved higher rankings on Google, with content appearing in positions 1 to 3 and 4 to 7 for various organic keywords.


The Project’s success was underscored by tangible results, including substantial growth in online quotations and improved Google rankings. The Company’s CEO, Ms. June Yue, expresses appreciation and further emphasizes our work’s value and impact in elevating the company’s online presence and SEO performance.

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