On-page SEO optimization for NorCordia Limited.

On-page SEO optimization for NorCordia Limited.

Our work for NorCordia was complete On-page SEO optimization that includes but is not limited to SEO Keyword research, title tag optimization, heading tag optimization, meta keyword and description optimization, SEO url optimization, keyword assignment of the body content, producer and review content quality. Here, they prioritize the welfare of horses and riders. This website provides information for both investors and horse enthusiasts as well.

    • https://norcordia.com/
    • SEO Service
    • NorCordia Limited Company, Kolding, Denmark & Wellington, Florida
    • July 22, 2022
    • SEO Service
Our Task Was

Our responsibility was to provide the all-over portfolio in an organized way for both sellers & investors. We also provided information for risk management, the transition of a new horse & global networking. Discovering this website, we work for different areas for them like-

  • Mark up subheadings with a heading tag
  • Improve navigation with the internal link
  • Add external link
  • Add engaging visual content
  • Apply schema markup
  • Content audit
  • Page index checking
  • Speed optimization
  • Image SEO


We help to expand their network in Europe and the USA. Though this company has 70 years of business experience in sport horse selection and partnership creation, we make the process easy & quick. This website gained lots of traffic by following some techniques, which are given below,

  • Every keyword contains a specific value for readers and buyers.
  • Our optimizing elements on web page helps this site to be found by any search engine result pages.
  • We worked on image quality, page index & heading tags so that the buyers or investors get the necessary information about their chosen horse & sellers.
  • Here, we organized the sport horse investment portfolio, which can help investors make their decisions immediately.


With complete reporting and documentation, this website got significant traffic and buyers. The CEO of this company was delighted with our On-page SEO optimization.


The project was a gaining success, resulting in enormous sales growth and increased customer engagement. The clients are delighted with the quality of SEO optimization, digital marketing, and product development. To unlock the buyer’s potential investment & queries of future buyers, we developed this website to improve Google rankings.

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